natural meditations vol. 1
risograph purple + red

risograph purple

A Cultural Army: Reflections
on Chinese Socialist Realism

risograph red, black, + blue

An introductory zine cover some of the main ideas and artistic
movements behind Chinese socialist realism from 1920s to the
end of the Cultural Revolution.

回家 Going Home
risograph teal + red

A short zine about my relationship with my mother,
growing up, and returning home.

“Design for Good”
risograph blue, red, + gold

What does it actually mean to design for “good”—historically and in the present? How can we think more holistically about ourselves within and outside of our creative labor? This zine is only the beginning of a much larger question of weight of design as political action.

I No Long Want To Be (Asian-) American

Written and illustrated in the aftermath of the massage parlor shootings in Atlanta, I reflect on how to be Asian American is to be an oxymoron.

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